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Speech Club

The Speech Team is open to any actors, actresses, future politicians, future lawyers, future broadcasters, or students that just want to have fun. It could be beneficial to anyone who plans a career involving communication, performance or persuasion.

The various events are as follows:

Interp Events - memorized, 5-10 minutes. Can be dramatic or humorous. Both are solo acting events with contestants presenting a segment of a play. They can also be prose or poetry. Both of these are solo reading events with contestants presenting a portion or entire story or selection of poetry. Another event in this category is duo; it consists of memorized or reading. These events allow contestants to work with a partner, presenting dramatic material. The last event in this section is oratorical. In this event, contestants memorize and present a speech written and delivered by another at an earlier time.

Forensic Events - The first is original oratory. Contestants present a speech which he/she has written (5-10 minutes). The next is impromptu. The contestant has 30 seconds to create a speech on a given topic. Maximum time is 5 minutes. U.S. & foreign extemporaneous is next. Contestant has 30 minutes to create a speech on a given political or current events topic. Maximum time is 7 minutes. Radio is another part of this category. The contestant must present a 3 minute newscast, commercial or editorial on-the-spot. The last part is discussion. The contestants have 60 minutes to examine problems in a given topic in a round-table format.   

Advisor: Myia Williams